Kitten not drinking water

Kitten not drinking water

Мнениеот breckjensen » 23 Ное 2017, 09:23


I'm not sure how to get him to drink water. He's about 4-5 weeks, or closer to 5-6 weeks old now and he's had water freshly available for over a week now to compensate for less meals. But he's not touched it at all. I change it every time I feed him, which is more than he's supposed to eat because I have to keep him hydrated. I can only seem to get water/formula into him through his food. I tried putting a dab on his chin and lips, but still no dice.

So I had to go to the vet to get some of this wet-food nutrient paste stuff to mix in with his formula to just get him to eat something. He had so many subcutaneous fluid interventions for the week while I was working to figure this out.

Please help.

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