Newly Purchased Cagle Map Shell Concerns

Newly Purchased Cagle Map Shell Concerns

Мнениеот breckjensen » 01 Дек 2017, 09:24


We unboxed this little dude today and have concerns about the condition he arrived in. The seller let us know he was shedding and they tried to hurry the shed along so he would be prettier when he arrived but they got too aggressive and damaged the shell. They stated that it would resolve during his next shed. Attached are photos of that damage along with other areas that have given us cause for concern for his overall health. Any advice or thoughts are greatly appreciated. He is a 3" Cagel Map. We are feeding him pellets and dehydrated shrimp and worms. He is currently in with our Mississippi Map Turtle in a 65 gallon tank with two filters and two basking areas

Please help.

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