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Advise on making homemade dog food for maltese with food all

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от breckjensen

I have changed foods several times to try and alleviate possible foods she may be allergic to. The more I read, the more frustrated I get. I get reccommended a food like venison or lamb, or duck in order to eliminate chicken and beef, and when I read the labels they contain chicken fat or beef liver. My vets want to send her to a pet dermatologist for allergy testing almost 2 hours away. I have read multiple places that the testing isn't accurate for foods anyway so I want to try elimination diets myself first. I have finally decided to try a homemade food, consisting of lamb, sweet potato, green beans and brown rice. She is a 9 pound maltese and I am wondering how much is appropriate to feed her. Does anyone have any suggestions for how much, portion wise, to feed her.

Please help.

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