First time making crock pot dog food - need opinions

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First time making crock pot dog food - need opinions

Мнениеот breckjensen » 02 Дек 2017, 12:08


So I made a big batch of "dog stew " last night, and I know it wasn't completely balanced without a calcium supplement, but I want to hear some opinions about it otherwise! Here's my recipe :

3 lb ground beef
2 oz (roughly) beef liver
1 can (15 oz) peas
4 eggs
8 oz mushrooms
5 oz fresh carrots and kale (leftover pulp from juicing)

Because I didn't have a calcium supplement on hand and wasn't sure about other vitamins /minerals, I did half of chief's regular dry food amount with some of this. I think I made enough to last at least a couple weeks for half of his meals!


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