Matted Filefish Nocturnal?

Matted Filefish Nocturnal?

Мнениеот breckjensen » 24 Ное 2017, 10:26


I got a Matted Filefish to help with an aplaisa takeover. But so far all she had done is sit in the back corner under the heater. I feed when the “night” blue lights come on and she is a little more active then. Im not sure if its because of the food, the lack of water flow (I turn off the powerheads and filter to spot feed) or becuse she may be nocturnal and that is why I see no movement durning the day lights.

There is no aggression from the other inhabitants. Im not even sure if they have noticed the new fish.

Does anyone else have a filefish and can tell me about their normal behaviour?

Please help.

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References: ... nocturnal/

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