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Possible Infectious Disease

МнениеПубликувано на: 25 Ное 2017, 12:02
от breckjensen

A few weeks prior he had beed into the vet for sneezing but upon the necropsy there were no signs of pneumonia and a cause of death was not determined. He is eating in front of me, when he had free time he stole a carrot from another one of the animals. I was worried but optimistic two days ago, but now i am worried. He has an appointment tomorrow, i scheduled it the day after his brother passed, and he is going to get a chem panel done and be tested for infectious diseases. I just don't know what to think right now. I've raised these boys since they were born and they were only a year and a half old. Does anyone have any ideas or clues or similar experiences?

Please help.

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