HEADS UP!! Bactrim Dosing

HEADS UP!! Bactrim Dosing

Мнениеот breckjensen » 25 Ное 2017, 11:58


Recently one of our members (Delaine?) was given Bactrim (sulfa trimeth) at the vet, at a concentration nearly nine times the standard "usual", yet the dose was given as per normal -- resulting in a nine-fold overdose had it not been caught.

The same thing happened to me this past Thursday. It took two phone calls to the vet to straighten it out.

The standard "pink stuff" that vets and caretakers have used for years is 240 mg/5 mL, or 48 mg/mL. This is the standard pediatric suspension, and is what is referenced in our Medical Guide here.

The "new" stuff is 400 mg/mL. It can of course be used but the dosing volume has to be decreased accordingly! The stuff I got was a pale goldish-beige, which is what tipped me off that there might be a problem.

Please help.

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