Baytril & Probiotic?

Baytril & Probiotic?

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After a week on pain and bloat meds, Rosie was back at the vets today as she's still in pain whilst peeing. The vets thinks it's stones but isn't 100% sure as she disclosed today that she wasn't an exotic specialist despite me requesting to see one when I first booked Rosie in! Anyway, I'm going to take her back to my regular exotic vet who's seen her before (he's just a lot further away).

In the mean time though, Rosie's been given a course of Baytril to have 0.26ml twice daily to rule out any possible infections. I'm slightly wary of antibiotics especially from vets who aren't cavy specialists.

I can't get Rosie back in with my regular vet until next Monday due to my work shift and not having anyone else willing to take her. Do I continue with the course of Baytril just to see if it helps? Do I need a probiotic with it and what type?

Please help.

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