Hamster Crusty Bottom ?

Hamster Crusty Bottom ?

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I was worried as Draco happens to be my very first hamster. I have had Draco now for 6 months now and he is a very friendly and playful hamster, I regularly change his food and water and when I do that in the mornings he hears me and comes out for a treat. Right now I have him on an All Living Things Hamster Diet, So when I went to go change his food and give him his treat I decided to pick him up and I felt his bottom when I lifted him out of his cage and I took a look and he had a yellow crust on his genital area and some hair loss near his left leg, it wasn’t to much hair loss but it was visible and I decided to take some pictures of his bottom so I could get a better look, I also took some pictures of his belly and noticed it kind of looked red but I don’t know if that’s just his skin color under his fur but there was also some small scabs around his belly, Anyone who can possibly help me figure out what he has or tell me and remedies to get rid of that weird crust on his belly and his bottom because it has me worried

Please help.

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