Hamster weigh-in thread

Hamster weigh-in thread

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I was just inspired by another thread talking about sizes of hamsters. Keeping track of your hamster's weight with regular weighing is always a good idea, something I do every few weeks or so. It's useful to spot any trends in growth or weight changes that might not be so obvious to the naked eye right away. I thought if we had a thread here, we could all post our hammies' weights every now and then to keep track and encourage each other to do it!
I use ordinary digital kitchen scales, and usually place the hamster in a bowl or something to keep them still (the girl robos, who are so lively, have to be weighed in their travel box or they'd be off).What does everyone think?

Please help.

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https://www.hamstercentral.com/communit ... hread.html

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