Should I Be Worried? Advice Please...!

Should I Be Worried? Advice Please...!

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My kitten is healthy and eats great, litter trained, loving, purr's all the time! She has also been de-flead. I will be getting her de-wormed at the vet's when the appointment time arrives..!
I have requested a check-up in approx under 2 weeks (available date) as she seems okay... i have investigated her stools etc. and they are fine just a bit smelly and runny but i put that down to me starting to give her kitten milk and also for the first day when she came i fed her dry and wet food separately so that's why it's a bit runny as she has not had much dry food...?

Please help.

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Re: Should I Be Worried? Advice Please...!

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И аз бих искал да знам

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