Loose Stools ?

Loose Stools ?

Мнениеот breckjensen » 18 Ное 2017, 14:50


At this new cat physical, they did analyze a stool sample for parasites and none were found.

So, here I am at a month later and the problem continues. I do believe it might have improved some. Yesterday, he used the litter box just as I finished scooping and we'll just leave it at "the problem still exists". Anyhow, where would you call start with this. I am thinking I will be calling for a vet appointment for early next week (leaving town in a hour - but hubby will be home and providing good care). Regardless, I would love input and start a conversation. I will try and respond best I can as my weekend away is traveling with my daughter and we have a full and fun schedule ahead of us.

FYI he has fantastic energy and there is no outward sign of ill health and passed his physical with flying colors.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

http://www.catforum.com/forum/38-health ... tools.html

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