How I make bone broth for my cats ?

How I make bone broth for my cats ?

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I had mentioned bone broth as a nourishing healing food for a sick kitty to someone in another thread and have had some requests for how I do it.

I make my cat's bone broth with her special Cornish hens. She has to have certified organic non-GMO Project Verified meat and I get her hens from a place out in Colorado, having them shipped (she is raw fed so they are used for meals, too).
Because doing it on the stove top is so limiting I decided to buy an electric slow cooker. I couldn't find a slow cooker with a stainless steel cook pot so I ended up having to buy a pressure cooker that can also be used as a slow cooker. I bought the sold-separately glass lid to use with it. So now I use the slow cooker and just let it go for 24 hours or so, adding water and ACV as it cooks down low, mashing the bones as they become soft to help them along.

Please help.

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